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Exercise TADEAS 2012

Traumateam exercise TADEAS 2012 with USAR - 30. - 31. 10. 2012 in Brno.

Online video streaming from 30. 10. 2012: Place in Google Earth:

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Exercise TADEAS 2012

Baseline information
Country information
Earthquake in the Van Province, Turkey info on Krno
Additional information (last update: 29-Oct-2012 16:58 by (OCHA))
Name: Statllandia
Time zone: + 1 UTC
Population: Statllandian
Capital: Krno
Administrative division:
Ethnic groups:
Languages: Hantec
Religion: Statl Orthodoxy
Currency: 1 Brn = ~2,5 EUR
International dial code: + 999
Medical advise and vaccinations: It is recommended that vaccination against hepatitis A and typhoid fever. In the case of a longer stay and vaccination against hepatitis B. In addition, it is recommended to check the vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and measles.


Status of request of assistance (last update: 29-Oct-2012 11:01 by (OCHA))
A powerful earthquake of 7.9 magnitude (USGS) on the Richter Scale affected Statllandia on 29 January, at 11.53hrs local time (GMT 9.53hrs). The earthquake happened 17km south-west of Krno, the capital of Statllandia (49.20N, 16.59W).
Initial reports suggest a high number of casualties and widespread damage, with an urgent need for Search and Rescue and Medical assistance.
A United Nations Disaster and Assessment Coordination Team (UNDAC) is being mobilized.
Priority needs (last update: 29-Oct-2012 10:04 by (FCSS/ESB/OCHA))
Initial reports suggest a high number of casualties and widespread damage, with an urgent need for Search and Rescue and Medical assistance.
Shelter winterized tents
Shelter Kitchen sets
Shelter pre-fabs
Disaster details (last update: 29-Oct-2012 22:49 by (OCHA))

On 10/29/2012 10:10:24 AM UTC (about 12:10h local time) an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 occurred in the very highly populated region of Central Betonovo in Statllandia. The nearest populated places are: Krno (18km), Vyskov (8km), Kromeriz (3km), Kyjov (11km). The closest civilian airport is Slatina (59km).

Potentially affected critical infrastructure:

  • Nuclear plants: Tukovan
  • Hydrodams: Prygl
  • Airports: Prague (239km), Chacharia (185km), Viena (89km)

Affected population (last update: 30-Oct-2012 6:50 by (OCHA))
Press Release by Statllandia Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency at 30 October 01:30 local time:
Number of dead: 5962 (as of 30 October 01:30 local time)
Number of injured: 41.528 (as of 30 October 02:30 local time)
Number of rescued people: 188 (as of 30 October 01:30 local time)

Affected areas
Europa Technologies, ESRI
Provider: Reliefweb

Additional information (last update: 30-Oct-2011 6:29 by (OCHA))
Earthquake in the Van Province, Turkey SitRep no 1 on Krno


Response and Coordination
National response (last update: 30-Oct-2012 6:23 by (OCHA))

International response (last update: 30-Oct-2011 05:27 by (OCHA))
Situation Report by the Office of the Resident Coordinator in Statllandia (30 October):

Algeria: 900 tents
Armenia: 193 tents
Austria: 32 tents
France: 490 tents
Germany: 500 tents
Ireland: 624 tents
Israel: 15 prefabricated houses
Italy: 200 tents
Japan: 100 tents
Kazakhstan: 60 tents, 300 blankets, 300 mattresses, 60 heaters
Sweden: 155 tents
Switzerland: 200 tents, 800 blankets, 133 heaters
Ukraine: 4 general purpose tents
United Kingdom: 1,144 tents

A window on the UN’s website is opened under the name “International Assistance to Krno Earthquake” for information sharing. Donors are requested to inform of their respective assistance.


Customs, movement and logistics
Customs and Immigration (last update: 29-Oct-2012 13:40 by (OCHA))
: Please find hereunder the contacts in the General Directorate of Customs:


Further reading

Entry points (airports, ports, ..) (last update: 29-Oct-2012 16:54 by (OCHA))
Statllandia has now made an official request for your assistance in Krno. Due to limitations on noise pollution in the area of Krno airport, no more flights are allowed into Krno before 0730 tomorrow morning


OCHA media summery (last update: 29-Oct-2012 13:24 by (ERCC OCHA-Geneva))

Additional information


Relief Teams
Additional information
Mobilising: (Doctors Worldwide)
Mobilising: DHL (DHL DRT)
Deployed: Belgian Gov (B-FAST)
Other: (Disaster and Relief Interpreting Volunteers)
Telecoms and ICT:
Deployed: (Telecoms Sans Frontieres)
Deployed: (AKUT Search and Rescue)

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